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The original galaxy projector with calming effects
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More than just a galaxy

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"How you gonna say you have a nice room, but not even have Spacelights"

Vinnie Hacker

"My favourite thing ever! AND it's bluetooth. Everyone must get one now."

Lauren Kettering

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Victoria bachlet


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Blake Manning

"Thank you"

Sharlize True

"Just vibing with my new spacelights"

Charles mallet

"These are pretty cool"

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More Than Just A Galaxy

An out of this world magical experience and dream come true 

 Get lost in the cosmos

Choose between 10 different colours emitted by high quality technology which transports you to a different mood space. 

Improve sleep quality 

Drift into dreamland with sleep mode. Lie down and watch the stars slowly fade with you to bedtime. The projector will turn off it's self. 

Package Includes:

1x SpaceLight™

1x SpaceLight™ Remote Control

1x USB cable

1x Owners Manual 
Reach for the stars in your room

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You can switch it to sleep mode via the remote. The auto-off timer options you can choose from are 1 hour or 2 hours. After your chosen time, the Projector will turn off on it's own for your convenience.

To connect your phone to SpaceLights in-built speaker, go to bluetooth in your phones settings and connect to your SpaceLight. Now you can listen to your favourite music under the stars!