Led phone charger

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Enjoy lighting speed charging and magnetic technology 


TRIPPY SPACE RIDE: The SpaceWire™ Charges your phone 50% faster than regular chargers with the power of 2.1A Fast Charging. ⚡️

Durable cable- Built to last it passed 40000+ bend test. Tangle-free,flexible strong, sleek and practically unbreakable.

Safety first- We value your safety. Thanks to the built-in smart current limit we protect your device from over charging, over heating and prevents short circuit.



Never again settle for easy-to-break charging cables.

Whats included:

1x cable of chosen led colour


"Equipped with an ultra strong magnet built to be used however and wherever you'd like. Charge with style, charge with confidence, charge with innovation. It's the magnetic charging cable you need in your life."

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